Our Wedding

Kate & Luke outside

On 31st August 2013 I married my best friend, soulmate and partner in crime. And regardless of how often it’s been said and of all the clichés it evokes, I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. So far, anyway: we’re in this together now and I’ve got a pretty good feeling there are even more amazing things yet to come.

Nearly nine years of being in love, our incredible families, a whole host of the best friends a boy and girl could ask for, a venue that dreams are made of, amazing food and more emotion than I can begin to describe are pretty much impossible to condense into words. So here are a few photos.

Suffice to say I’ve never smiled so much in my life. And I haven’t stopped yet. Back with a recipe next week xx.nash

nash inside


Ceremony kiss

little loaf bridesmaids



luke laughing

outside kew palace

orangery outside



guinea fowl.o



running out of wedding


Kate & Luke behind

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what we ate and drank (this is a food blog after all), here are all the details!

Canapés: Beetroot and goat’s cheese macarons, chorizo scotch quails eggs, seared beef carpaccio on sourdough with horseradish, sweetcorn & black bean fritter with crab, salmon gravadlax blini with preserved lemon & coriander, halloumi, ricotta and zucchini fritter with hummus, .
Starter: Seared yellow fin tuna with avocado salad
Main: Roast breast of Melton Mowbray guinea fowl with buttered vegetables, fresh peas and broad beans, herb gnocchi, girolles and truffle pesto.
Dessert: Chocolate wedding cake with hazelnut praline ganache served with hazelnut ice cream and a raspberry tuile.
Bubbles: Bosco di Gica Brut, NV, Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G Prosecco Superiore
White: Chateau Bauduc Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2012 (100% Sauvignon Blanc)
Red: Cortona Syrah 2009, Cortona D.O.C.
Cocktail: Kew Garden Cocktail made with vodka, elderflower liqueur, cucumber syrup, mint & crushed ice
Favours: Brown butter chocolate chip cookies (all 150 made by me!)



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87 responses to “Our Wedding

  1. Brilliant location and very, very good food. Congratulations. We had our wedding reception at The Neal St, Restaurant in ’73 and your food definitely rivals (overtakes) ours:)

  2. Eeep how beautiful! You look stunning & I love your dress.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! such a beautiful wedding and lovely pictures.

  4. How lovely, thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Congratulations and I hope you have many more happy decades ahead of you.

  5. You looked amazing! Huge congrats to you both and the food looks heavenly. (Love the cake) xxx

  6. Beautiful photos! I particularly like the one of you with the bridesmaids. Huge congratulations! Gorgeous venue too!

  7. You look absolutely stunning Kate and your man looks pretty dapper too! And that cake! *daydreams*

  8. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are stunning bride and absolutely wonderful photos!

  9. Amazing photos, congratulations! You look fantastic!

  10. congratulations! what a beautiful bride and groom you two make. there is nothing like marrying your best friend and soul mate. i’ve been married four years and it really is a delightful journey. x

  11. Dom

    What a wonderful day! Perfect food, perfect wine, perfect couple. X

  12. Congrats! This blogger also got married on 31st Aug (15 years ago) – it’s a great date to continue your life together from! Oh and that Cake – wow!!

  13. Crikey – now that is impressive looking wedding food! Gorgeous!

  14. Such a stunning wedding! Oh, and that dress! I want to get married again just to wear that one! Lovely to hear about the day (and the food ;)). Congratulations again 🙂 xoxo

  15. Spectacular pictures and lovely cake. Congratulations!

  16. Just beautiful!! Congratulations to you both:)

  17. Congratulations for your wedding, beautifull day ideed! I will translalte from Romanian the traditional whishes – “house of stone!” I remember thinking the day after my wedding that I can’t feel my cheeks because I smiled, without stop, the entire day! Love the photos, the last one is my favourite

  18. Congratulations! these photos are so beautiful!

  19. You look so beautiful! That dress! And what a cute cake too, oh gosh, I have so much respect for wedding cakes now, I am looking at them in a completely new light! Phew!

  20. Everything looks so, so lovely, what an amazing day!

  21. So many congratulations! What lovely photos – you both look so happy…and everything is so beautiful – your dress, the venue, the food…
    And I am IN LOVE with your cake. Please will you share who made it?! A work of art. x

    • The cake was from Choccywoccydoodah. They were slightly difficult to deal with (lost our order, generally disorganised) but I’ve forgiven them because the cake looked and tasted AMAZING 🙂

      • Lindsay

        I thought you’d made the cake yourself. It still looks splendid.

        Your wedding looks just perfect. Have a long and happy life together. xx

  22. Many Congratulations and Blessings Kate!!! You looked absolutely stunning!! I love the location and setting, so romantic and the food looked delicious. I salute you for making your own favours 🙂

    • Making the favours was actually so much fun – invited a couple of friends over and we just chatted for hours while I baked (I refused to let them help as I wanted to keep my perfectionist eye on every element, ha!)

  23. Love everything about these pictures – you look beautiful and the two of you look so ridiculously happy and in love. Just perfect.

  24. OK, seriously? Prettiest wedding venue ever. And your dress! Stunning.

  25. Anne

    I loved reading about your wedding and seeing the beautiful photos! We are planning the wedding of our daughter, who will be married next fall. What a beautiful dress, and what a beautiful bride!

  26. what gorgeous photos, and you look stunning!

  27. Beautiful. You look stunning… It’s really refreshing to see happy and smiling people cherishing beautiful moments in life. Thank you for sharing your smiles. Wish you joy always xx

  28. What a beautiful venue! All the photos (especially of you ;)) look gorgeous! That cake looks stunning 😀 I admire you for still making the time to bake the brown butter chocolate chip cookies!

  29. There is so much joy and beauty in these photos! Everything looks fabulous – you and your guy, your dress, the setting, food, friends, flowers… A dream day indeed! Huge congratulations to you!!!

  30. I love this! You made such a gorgeous bride and I still can not get over that cake… unbelievable. Glad you and your husband are still enjoying your honeymoon period:-)

  31. You guys look so in love! LOVE it! Congratulations once again! Everything looks AMAZING! Here’s to a married blissful life ahead!

  32. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    congratulations! You look absolutely gorgeous.. and everything looks so perfect. x

  33. You both look so happy in the photos, and so in love! Love truly is a wonderful thing. And you look absolutely gorgeous in your beautiful dress! Congratulations again!!

  34. strongassoup

    Many, many congratulations. So great to hear such happy news. Great pics. I’m very impressed that you found time to make 150 cookies.

  35. Looks like a beautiful wedding to start off a happy married life together. Congratulations (also, love the dress).

  36. Congratulations on being the cutest couple I’ve seen lately (love the birds on the cake), and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

  37. Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding – everything looks perfect, from the venue to the food, the wedding cake and, most importantly, the beaming bride and groom!

  38. What beautiful photographs, fabulous venue, delicious looking food and such a happy couple – looks truly memorable!

  39. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Love your dress, it is so elegant yet with pretty frills. The food sounds wonderful as well.

  40. What a STUNNING wedding! What beautiful photos, what a beautiful dress, what a beautiful couple!!! Congratulations =)

  41. Wonderful photos and absolutely beautiful wedding! Your dress is stunning Kate.

    Congratulations again to you and your new husband! xx

  42. Congratulations! Everything looks stunning!! Love to see all the love in those photos 🙂

  43. Kew has many many good memories for me. One of my best friends is from there and I worked in my first Saturday job at the Maids of Honour with her too! I am so pleased you enjoyed the cake as the dessert, I did the same and you both looked so happy. Many congratulations!

  44. Amy

    This is SO beautiful, in so many ways. x

  45. Breathtaking place and pics Kate! Your dress couldn’t be more right for you! So happy for you!

  46. What a beautiful and perfect day! You looked stunning! Congrats, Kate!

  47. GORGEOUS venue! Is it an orangery? And I know that it must go without saying but you look breathtaking

  48. Nice pictures, You are looking absolutely stunning Kate. Your wedding arrangements were memorial. And the cake! awesome.

  49. Congrats! You, the groom, the cake, the place- just gorgeous! x

  50. p.s. love that you included the full menu and photos of the food in a blog post about your wedding. Trust a food blogger to always keep that in mind 😉

  51. Your dress is GORGEOUS as is everything else! Congratulations!

  52. I love these pictures—you both look so happy. What a gorgeous day! Your menu sounds scrumptious (a rarity at weddings), and, as I said on other social media channels, I just love that dress.

  53. Just BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful. Your dress! The food. The scene. All of it. Congratulations.
    Heidi xo

  54. Gorgeous photos, and food sounds INCREDIBLE.

  55. It’s wonderful to see the two of you on your big day! You both look like you were just radiating happiness and joy all day and the surroundings were so beautiful. Looks like a perfect day.

  56. Breathtaking couple! Thank you for sharing your special day photos, what a picture perfect setting. xo

  57. Congratulations, all my wishes of happiness.

  58. I’ve been meaning to come back to this post as I was very eager to seeing your dress, I do love wedding dresses. You looked absolutely stunning! What a beautiful wedding you two had. Many congratulations!! X

  59. My Kitchen Stories

    How very beautiful you both looked. What a gorgeous venue and food. Congratulations on the happy years ahead

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