Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

A few weeks ago someone from Kenwood got in touch to see if I’d be interested in working with them on their latest campaign. The idea was to take a favourite, or secret, family recipe, update and make it my own then write up the recipe and take some pretty pictures for them to share in print and online.

Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

These lovely little chocolate chestnut meringue nests made it into Stylist magazine last week which means nearly half a million readers around the country read my recipe. Ok, I imagine some of them skimmed over the advertorial, but it’s still a seriously exciting number of people and definitely made me do a little dance of joy.

Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

While one of my photos featured in print, I took quite a few more more (in my garden, crazy food blogger-style with a camera in one hand and a sieve full of icing sugar in the other as I chased the last of the autumn light). It would be a shame for all that effort to go to waste so here they are: chocolate swirled meringue nests filled with a festive chestnut mousse and topped with the last of the British blackberries and shaved dark chocolate.

Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

I made these a little while ago: since blackberries are no longer in season you could try topping each nest with a few cranberries cooked with orange zest or some sticky poached pears. For the full recipe for chocolate chestnut meringue nests, click the link.

Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests


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40 responses to “Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Nests

  1. Congratulations and very exciting. The meringue nests look amazing!

  2. ah… WOW! I am a huge fan of this 🙂

  3. Exciting! I love chestnuts, they’re such a useful festive ingredient.

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous! Well done and congrats on the magazine success.

  5. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love Stylist! Congratulations! And this recipe looks delicious.

  6. Congratulations! These meringue nests look absolutely divine – they would be a stunner at any holiday table.

    Have a great week,

  7. Simply beautiful Kate, both the nests and the flavors! Congrats on being published!

  8. Congrats on the magazine feature! How exciting xx

  9. Congratulations. What a fantastic job you did on the photos. Love the recipe I am going to make these for our Christmas party.

  10. Lovely, reminds me of a Mont Blanc – such a delicious pudding and chestnut seems just right for this time of year.

  11. Lovely shots….congratulations on the Kenwood advertorial.

  12. So many congratulations – the meringues look fabulous! Can’t imagine that anyone would have skipped to the advertorial when presented with something so very yummy looking 🙂

  13. beautiful photos, and I loveeee chestnuts!

  14. Yes please – they look fantastic!

  15. Congrats on your feature! 1/2 million readers? Wow!
    I can see why they wanted these chocolate chestnut meringues beauties – they look divine!

  16. Yay!! Isn’t it just brilliant seeing the recipes in print?

  17. These look absolutely gorgeous and I want to put the whole thing in my mouth! They are very impressive x

  18. Congratulations! How exciting to see your recipe in print. There’s nothing quite like it. And I’d love a meringue please. Do you ship to Australia 😀

  19. Congratulations on the feature! And the meringue nests look scrumptious – meringue and chocolate is such a good combo (and yet I haven’t made anything with chestnut since February!). As for the pears, at a cooking school we once made poached pears with a chestnut whipped cream and a hot chocolate sauce, so so good.

  20. These are gorgeous! Huge congrats on the magazine feature; how exciting to have your recipe and photograph seen by that many people!

  21. Awesome and congrats! And these look so good!

  22. Wow this looks absolutely devine. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  23. Haha I am just picturing you running around the garden with your camera in one hand and your sieve in the other – the things we bloggers do for the perfect shot 🙂 These look beautiful and congrats on being published!

  24. Congratulations! I don’t see Stylist anymore as I don’t commute, but what a great mag to be printed in! Recipe sounds delish.

  25. We love your blog and have nominated you with a Liebster award here:

  26. aliborgas

    Haha, I love how you described your photography efforts… sounds a bit similar to my own! 😉

  27. Mmmmm I adore meringue and chocolate is even better. These are a much better version of the Mont Blanc! Another of your recipes I have bookmarked. Gorgeous and festive!

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