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Gingerbread Marshmallows

Until pretty recently, I thought my marshmallow eating days were long gone. As a child, I thought they were awesome. Soft on the outside with a sweet, slightly chewy middle, marshmallows came big or small, pink or white (purely aesthetic … Continue reading


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Wholemeal Spelt & Coriander Flatbread

There’s something about pre-packaged wraps that makes me sad. The cardboard cousin of plasticky sliced white, they’ve become synonymous with health in recent years, the ultimate ‘light lunch’ on the go, which in reality amounts to little more than minimal … Continue reading


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Brown Butter Banana Bread Squares

On the eve of the French revolution, Marie Antoinette is said to have responded to claims that there wasn’t enough bread to feed the French people with the now infamous phrase, ‘Let them eat cake’. Historians have since refuted this, … Continue reading


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Bircher Muesli Bread

Breakfast is such an important meal, but doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. If an army marches on its stomach, just imagine the unproductive days up and down the country for those who fail to fill themselves up first … Continue reading


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Black Pepper & Fennel Seed Rye Bread

‘All sorrows are less with bread’ – Miguel de Cervantes. While I’d like to accredit the infamous Spaniard with being as big a fan of baking as I am, he is, of course, referring to the importance of a full … Continue reading


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Maple Walnut Banana Bread with Crunchy Cocoa Nibs

It always makes me a little bit sad to read interviews where chefs explain that they can go days without eating a proper meal. I suppose it comes with the territory of working such strange hours and constantly tasting, testing … Continue reading


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Seeded Soda Bread

Waking up and eating is a joy. I adore breakfast and can’t imagine a day without it, so it pains me that so many people skip this meal on a regular basis. While people around the world are making resolutions … Continue reading


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Gingerbread Lime Ice Cream

When something goes wrong in the kitchen, what’s your default solution? Are you the inquisitive person who keeps consuming what they’ve made until over half is gone, trying to ascertain exactly what it is that doesn’t taste quite right? Do … Continue reading


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Feta & Thyme Soda Bread

Like a lot of little girls, between the ages of about four and fourteen I was obsessed with horses and ponies. Posters lined every inch of my bedroom wall (and the bathroom next door), I had a small, but treasured … Continue reading


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Wholemeal Pitta Bread

Up until the age of eleven I took a packed lunch to school every day. My primary school was pretty small and didn’t have a kitchen to cook up school dinners on a daily basis. While it sometimes seemed a … Continue reading


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