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The Best Homemade Hummus (with Lots of Herbs)

homemade hummus

A mixture of chickpeas & cannellini beans goes into this herby hummus

As someone who loves nothing more than spending time in the kitchen, it often amazes me how little time people are prepared to put into what they eat. I’m fully aware that everyone is leading increasingly hectic lives and that sometimes a bowl of cereal on the sofa is all that can be managed, but at the same time I’m secretly eyeing up those sweaty slices of pre-packaged bread or cakes full of hydrogenated oils and thickening agents and wondering why anyone would even dream of eating them. Continue reading



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Wholemeal Pitta Bread

pitta bread

Perfectly soft, light little pitta breads

Up until the age of eleven I took a packed lunch to school every day. My primary school was pretty small and didn’t have a kitchen to cook up school dinners on a daily basis. While it sometimes seemed a shame that we didn’t get to eat anything hot at lunchtime, given that this was well before Jamie Oliver waved his magic wand over what we’re allowed to serve to kids in this country, it was probably quite a good thing.

I’ve talked before on this blog about how important healthy food was to my Mum when we were growing up. This is the woman who would offer little packets of Sunmaid raisins to trick-or-treaters come Halloween while the other mums were doling out chocolate and sweets, so you can imagine the contents of my packed lunch were always pretty virtuous. Continue reading


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